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Council of Science and Technology, U.P.

Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of U.P.

InnovationFoundation Portlet
Innovation Promotion
An innovation is a multi-stage process where a person transforms ideas into new/ improved products or processes. All innovation begins with creative ideas to solve the basic needs of life. Most of the innovation and knowledge is not getting proper incentives for their work and ideas, due to which innovators feels lack of the enthusiasms and gradually erodes the traditional knowledge and the society pay the cost by losing a very valuable source of local solutions and skills. By little personal efforts and scientific and technical support, valuable intellectual property may be produced, which may be useful in the interest of the State.
  • To recognize, respect and reward grassroots technological innovators and traditional knowledge experts.
  • To promote volunteers for identification of innovators, Innovations and Traditional Knowledge practices of the State.
  • To link the Innovators, Traditional Knowledge holders with Institutional scientists, technologists and designers to add value in their technologies.
  • To guide and support grassroots innovators to participate in National & international level competitions/exhibitions.
  • To motivate a culture of creativity and innovation in society.
Target Groups
Council takes care of grass root innovators and target groups are as following:
  • Farmers
  • Artisans
  • Workers
  • Mechanics
  • Traditional Medicine practitioners
  • Students
  • General public, who do not possess Bachelor/ Professional degrees
  • People from unrecognized Sectors